Bintang Flores Labuan Bajo Komodo

Resort is located on Sebayur Island, an hour's boat journey on Rinca Island from the Komodo Trip. Thanks very much... We did per day of fishing to review the jump centre to see an extremely well organized, qualified team of crew and dive masters, so delighted to find a plunge core operating so effectively in every factors... Amazing !! that is management! White Beach, which overlooks a sensational Indonesian ocean, is really a 1.5- hour boat ride away.

Best time for you to observe them is during the Damp Season where learning of Manta means around 30 around 60 per dive site! Monster Komodo is Bajo's first FFESSM/PADI 5 IDC - Resort incredible day-trips offering, diving courses diving in komodo island taught by skilled and multilingual trainers. Our diving resort including pool, dorm, hotel and middle, may be the invest area where you will have all in one place to enjoy your scuba diving experience Komodo National Parc, in bajo.

Many thanks greatly... We did a-day of diving to examine the plunge centre to see a very well-organized, professional workforce of jump experts and staff, so delighted to locate a jump centre operating so effectively in most facets... Great !! that is management! Red Komodo Beach, which overlooks an Indonesian reef that is wonderful, is just a 1.5- time boat trip away.